• What is Public Procurement and how does it differ from the familiar ‘Purchasing and Supply Management’?

    Bureau Public Procurement is the process whereby public sector organizations acquire goods, services and works from third parties. The process should be efficient, transparent, and competitive as much as feasible, in order to attain best value for public expenditure and inspire public confidence, considering the fact that the public are the major stakeholders of Government. Private sector Procurement (generally called Purchasing and Supply) also seeks to obtain goods and services at best value but, unlike a public sector organization, is not obliged to provide equal treatment to all its citizens in the business community. Accordingly, it is common in the private sector to construct longer-term relationships with a key group of suppliers and contractors and to seek efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

  • What does the Bureau of Public Procurement Law seeks to achieve?
  • What is the difference between the old system of Bureau of Procurement and the new system?
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